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Herbal beauty products

Facial Serums

Light and silky serums quickly absorb into the skin to deeply moisturize, revitalize, and nourish. Different flower extracts soothe, restore, and balance skin tissues for a healthy and beautiful complexion.

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Herbal salves are made with organic jojoba, Montana beeswax, and extractions of whole herbs. Salves are great for bug bites, rashes, minor wounds, aches, pains, dry skin, & cramps.

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Massage & Body Oils

Herbal body oiling (Abhyanga) is an ancient practice of using whole plant infused oils for self massage to nourish the body into a state of relaxation and health. Oiling the skin allows beneficial properties of plants to absorb through skin and access the nervous, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, and immune systems.

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Face Cream

A Fairy's Dream Face Cream -- with the power of rose & calendula infused into jojoba & castor oil and other natural ingredients to give your face an ultra luxurious it deserves to be beautiful inside and out.

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Oxymels are an old fashioned combination of honey & raw apple cider vinegar infused with herbs to support the immune, digestive, & respiratory systems. The word oxymel means acid (oxy) and honey (mel). They taste sweet and tangy, with unique botanical notes! 

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Herbal Extracts

Wild or locally grown herbs infused for six weeks to extract the beneficial properties of the plant.

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Herbal Magnesium Oil Spray

Relax muscles and reduce muscle pain with magnesium oil infused with lavender, comfrey, calendula, & chamomile.

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More Herbal Products

Fire Cider

The quintessential kitchen remedy, fire cider is a blend of apple cider vinegar and warming culinary herbs to support immunity and digestion. This zesty tonic is a go-to remedy during the cold months.

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Smoking Blends

Calming and relaxing, herbal smoking blends offer another way to commune with plants and experience beautiful smells like that of the prairie or mountains.

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Tea & Herbs

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Herbal Beauty Products

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