Our Story

Meet Dixie— the Herbalist of Shiso Wild 

Montana native, herb-wife, gardener, and self-proclaimed herb nerb, Dixie Sullivan brings herbal remedies and education opportunities to her community. She creates nourishing herbal products and connects others with plants and their healing properties.

She has a passion for the pioneer spirit of self-sufficiency and hands-on work by growing and foraging her own food and medicine. She lives close to the land and love the concept of rustic, simple living. Odd to most folks, but not to her, she loves weeds and mushrooms. She also relishes time outdoors and being with her family. 

Dixie grew up close to nature, picking huckleberries and wildflowers and hiking in the local mountains. She has a formal background in herbal education, receiving a Western Herbalism Certificate from Midwest School of Herbal Studies and Certification through Herbal Medics Academy on Herbal Constituents and Plant Chemistry, along with many trips into the backcountry to learn botany and wilderness skills. Her garden has many varieties of herbs and heirloom vegetables. 


About Shiso Wild 

Shiso Wild is about renewal, abundance, vitality, and beauty by creating off-the-trail botanical products that create connection to the plant realm, our herbal allies, and the wild healer within all of us. It joins us to the woods and fields and seasons. 

Discovering well-being through the ancient art of plant medicine is simple. Using self-care rituals like herbal body oiling, aromatic steams, or foot soaks nourishes us deeply. Putting nature's offerings of flowers, leaves, roots, bark and beeswax into herbal products is part of restoring our connection to the earth and reviving a time forgotten to ground ourselves and bring about clarity, harmony, and beauty into our lives. 

About Old Time Herbs-- The Grandmother Folk Remedies

We believe plants are the earth’s medicine treasure trove— our allies, elders, teachers, friends, and healers — and the people’s medicine, here to give blessings of health, beauty, and wholeness. 

Our herbal creations originate back to the wisdom of our great grandmothers and dusty recipe books, bringing back wisdom of plant medicines and reviving the times of old when herbs were grown in the garden and collected by hand in the forest and fields and then brought into the home to be prepared into nourishing remedies for the family and their community.

Our philosophy centers around a foundation of gathering— gathering herbs, family, friends, recipes, jars, knowledge and wisdom, and gathering around the hearth in the home, or nowadays the kitchen stove, to make our own plant medicines using time honored traditions our grandmothers would have known about to create tasty and tonic brews for supporting health. 

We believe plants are divine in nature and holistic, working on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and getting to the root of the problem. As such, they can heal a person quickly or take longer periods of time depending on the extent of the situation and individual. 

Going Deep within the Heart of Nature & Yourself 

Your path to natural beauty, wisdom of earthly botanicals, and well-being starts with gathering nature’s treasures — the flowers, trees, and fungi. Take a walk in our garden here, honor your intuition, and discover what plant is calling you on your plant path of beauty and health.  

All ingredients are from the earth, sheer goodness, organic, wild harvested, or home-grown. They are handpicked with love and of the highest quality.      

If you would like to talk to us about questions you may have or request more information contact us.  

We wish you all the best on your plant path!