Lavender Castor Oil

Lavender Castor Oil

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You may want to use this herbal ally if any of these things come up for you: 

- Severely dry skin, eczema, cracking skin, or scarring 

-Congestion, sluggishness, or low energy


-Digestive woes

-Chronic pain or inflammation

Deeply moisturizes and soothes inflamed, dry skin. 

When applied topically in the from of a castor oil pack, it gently stimulates the lymphatic system and liver to remove toxins and waste that have been built up in the body.

A castor oil pack uses piece of wool or cotton about the size of a dish towel is saturated with castor oil and applied to various parts of the body in need of healing, usually with heat for an hour or longer. 


Ingredients: organic castor oil infused with lavender flowers